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How do you know we won’t just throw your leaflet over a hedge?

This was my first question when i started outsourcing leaflet distribution in Kent.
Here are the things we do to ensure you’re leaflet makes it to the destination, whether in Whitstable, Thanet, Canterbury or indeed any of the surrounding towns in East Kent:

  • Start with reliable people : we either know the leafletter personally or thoroughly interview each one, including references.
  • New leafletters will be accompanied for their first 3 months by one or more of our senior leafletters until we are confident they can be relied upon.
  • We hire ‘checkers’ in each area to keep all the door to door mail they receive so that we can verify ours is included where it should be.
  • We reward our leafletters: we believe in trying to keep things positive and if clients get work from our leafletting, then they are likely to return. So we liaise with our clients and reward leafletters when our clients get work in areas we have delivered to
How do you ensure you get work from the leaflets?


This is the most important part for obvious reasons. If you don’t get any work from the leaflets,
then you aren’t likely to come back to us for future work.  We can put the leaflet in the letter boxes of your potential clients, but if the leaflet is awful, it is just going to become bin fodder.
Here are some recommendation to ensure you give yourself the best chance of getting work.

  • Use professional designers, whether you use us or someone else, make sure it doesn’t look homemade. It will make your business look unprofessional and will put people off.
  • Include prices where possible. People assume that if prices are hard to find or not included that your serivce/product will be expensive.
  • Don’t print your artwork on crap: show your design at it’s best by printing it on high quality materials. We recommend 350gsm recyclyed silk for leaflets and 400gsm matt laminated for business cards. It does’t cost much more, but it encourages your customers to hold onto your leaflet/business card. We have had people hold on to ours for over 5 years!
  • Slightly self promoting on this point but, leaflet regularly. You can’t expect to just drop 1000 leaflets and get 1000 customers. In the past we have seen 1-3% returns on a good leaflet. This has dropped due to the recession so it’s especially important to make sure that your leaflet looks as good as possible and that it is being put in front of your clients, month after month until your business and brand sinks into their subconscious.

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